Sunday, August 28, 2016

GCA Committees

The following volunteers serve the membership as part of the GCA's committee structure. Have you ever considered being a volunteer? It's a way to build relationships within the association, learn more about a specific area of GCA operations, and give back to your industry. For more information, or to find out about current volunteer opportunities, contact Peter Doherty, Executive Director.


Chair: Brad Cannaday, Neenah Paper
Co-Chair: Phil St. Germain, J.S. McCarthy Printers

Directives:  Manage the Associates’ programs; make recommendations to the Executive Committee on deepening associate member participation in, contribution to, and value received from GCA membership.


Chair: George White, Up With Paper
Glen Biely, Madison Park Group

Directives: Develop theme and program content of annual convention. Provide design for event branding and collateral material. Recruit sponsors and speakers, and work with GCA staff on logistics and budget.

LOUIE Awards
28th Annual Awards Chair: Nicole Hite-Heleniak Hallmark Cards, Inc.
Strategic Chair: Monika Brandrup

Directives: Develop thematic branding of this special program, direct and oversee planning, logistics, and promotion. Recruit judges, and paid/in-kind sponsors. Design all branding and collateral pieces and work with Associate members on all aspects of production. Coordinate with GCA staff on logistics and budget. 

Chair: Alan Friedman, Great Arrow Graphics

Directives: Help grow membership. Develop target list and make recommendations to Executive Committee. Assign Executive Committee outreach to select targets. Help nurture new members and encourage their participation in the GCA. Work with GCA staff on outbound communications and other outreach.

Past Presidents Council
Chair: Susan January, Leanin' Tree

Directives: Assist in continuity of the Association’s activities; respond to emerging member needs and make recommendations to the Executive Committee; initiate/oversee any required Bylaws modifications.

Postal Affairs
Chair: Sarah Moe Meyers, Hallmark

Directives: Manage the GCA’s postal strategy working with the GCA's vice president of postal affairs. Direct hired professionals. Maintain relationships with the USPS; work with USPS on marketing communications and other initiatives. Advise on legislative matters and keep membership apprised of issues.

Communications and Public Relations
Co-Chair: Joel Gryniewski, Old Tom Foolery and Modern Lore

Charter: The Communications and Public Relations Committee is responsible for assisting the Executive Committee in developing and/or executing communications, marketing, and/or public relations initiatives in support of the GCA’s mission and strategic plan by 1) creating a consistent image of the association, 2) ensuring messaging is reflective of the association’s goals and objectives, 3) delivering effective communications, internally and externally, to demonstrate knowledge and expertise in support of the association’s goals and objectives, and 4) promoting the value of the GCA and membership in the GCA.


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