Monday, August 29, 2016

Butterfly Stamp

The GCA continues to be successful in building its partnership with the United States Postal Service.  After successfully campaigning for the Forever Stamp in 2007, the GCA has been working closely with the USPS to make it easier to mail square or irregular-shaped envelopes, which are growing in popularity among GCA members.  The USPS charges extra postage for these envelopes, as such envelopes do no consistently process through USPS machinery.  
In May 2010, GCA efforts culminated in a special First-Day-of-Issue ceremony during the National Stationery Show, when the USPS unveiled the new 64-cent Butterfly stamp.  In addition to being available in post offices for purchase, greeting card manufacturers can now print an icon of the Butterfly stamp on their square and irregular-shaped envelopes to easily alert consumers of the need for this stamp or equivalent postage.  Publishers are encouraged by the GCA Postal Affairs Committee to download the image below for printing on nonmachinable envelopes. 

Click here for Butterfly stamp Usage Guidelines.

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