Saturday, August 27, 2016


GCA Members Accepting Submissions

The following publisher members of the Greeting Card Association have indicated that they accept outside submissions from artists and writers. However, please DO NOT submit any samples of your work to them prior to receiving their submission guidelines. The contact information provided is for requests for submission requirements only! In some cases, the contact may not be the same for writers as for artists. Additionally, some companies accept submissions via email, while others only via regular mail. Again, please ask these companies for their submission guidelines prior to submitting any work to them.

Amber Lotus Publishing
Contact for Submissions: Submissions Editor (
Link to Submission Guidelines:

Artists to Watch
Contact for Submissions: Art Director (
Link to Submission Guidelines:

Avanti Press, Inc.
Contact for Submissions: ( or (
Link to Submission Guidelines:

Designer Greetings
Contact for Submissions: Andy Epstein (
Link to Submission

Great Arrow Graphics
Contact for Submissions: Lisa Samar/ Alan Friedman (
Link to Submission Guidelines:

Leanin' Tree, Inc.
Contact for Submissions: Susan January (
Link to Submission Guidelines:

NobleWorks, Inc.
Contact for Submissions: Ron Kanfi (

Up With Paper
Contact for Submissions: Monika Brandrup (
Link to Submission Guidelines:

For more information, contact the GCA at or 202-216-9627.

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