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Paperspecs Recognizes the Creativity and Innovation Shown in the LOUIEs Call for Entries . . . | Paperspecs.com, March 8, 2016
Congratulations to the LOUIE Awards design team!

Empathy Card Contest: And the Winner Is . . . | New York Times Blog, November 11, 2015
Last week, we introduced Well readers to Emily McDowell, a writer and graphic artist, and her line of empathy cards, a series of greeting cards that helps provide support during times of serious illness and loss.

Beyond ‘Get Well Soon’ – Create an Empathy Card | New York Times Blog, November 3, 2015
When Emily McDowell learned at the age of 24 that she had Stage 3 Hodgkin’s lymphoma, she discovered how difficult it is for people to talk about a life-threatening illness.

Why US firm Hallmark takes a long-term view on employee wellbeing | Personnel Today.com, October 31, 2015
For employers in the UK, probably the most eye-catching aspect of the company’s healthcare programme is that it offers financial rewards of up to $400 (£255) to employees who maintain healthy weight, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. 

Make Birthdays Playful with New Wish Launchers(TM) Interactive Cards from American Greetings | Globe Newswire, October 21, 2015
Remember how exciting your birthday was when you were a child? Consumers are always looking for captivating new ways to send birthday wishes to their favorite young people, and American Greetings continues to deliver new-to-the-world greeting card inventions to wow birthday guys and gals of all ages. Express your delight for their special day with the latest and greatest – new Wish Launchers™ interactive greeting cards.

The cards breaking the silence around miscarriage | Stuff.co.nz, Parenting, October 18, 2015
What do you say to someone after a miscarriage? Sympathy cards offer limited guidance, many verging on the heavily religious or missing the mark completely with overwrought prose of the Hallmark variety. There may be no "right" thing to say, which is what makes it so difficult. But the wrong thing to do is to say nothing at all.

Columnist says electronic greetings leave no keepsake | Cape Cod Times, October 16, 2015
I still have cards from my grandparents who are gone. I have their sentiments in a scrapbook with their handwriting. I love this. My kids won’t have anything unless I print out emails or take screenshots of texts. People seem content to send virtual wishes. But it would be so much nicer to have a keepsake.

Sophie's Mail for Heroes Campaign | My Twintiers.com, October 15, 2015
For a few years now, Sophie and fellow classmates have been sending uplifting greeting cards to men and women over seas and even to veterans at home. When asked why Sophie does this-the answer was simple. "It actually makes me feel really good, but I want other people to get to have that feeling," said campaign leader Sophie Kartzman. "That like wow you did something so nice and it is making other people feel great."

Jill Scott, Blues Babe Foundation Partners with Hallmark to Give Writing Scholarships | MStars News, October 6 ,2015
Jill Scott and her Blues Babe Foundation are partnering with Hallmark in order to give away two scholarships to young writing students. The Woman singer is teaming up with the greeting card company’s Mahogany brand in order to provide two $10,000 scholarships to undergraduate students that are pursuing degrees in areas of writing.

Paperclips Newsletter | National Stationary Show, October, 2015
Every fall for the past 20+ years, I’ve attended the Greeting Card Association’s annual convention. This year the GCA held the event in Nashville, TN, where the intersection of music and storytelling is central to the air you breathe in that town!

The Greeting Card Association names new executive director | Gift Shop Magazine, August 18, 2015
The Greeting Card Association (GCA) named Peter Doherty, CAE, as its executive director, effective August 17. “We are delighted to have a leader with the track record in association management that Peter brings to the GCA,” said Steve Doyal, president, GCA. “His success engaging and increasing membership will position the GCA for growth as it marks its 75th anniversary.”

GiftCards.com Announces Partnership with American Greetings Press Release Rocket, August 06, 2015
GiftCards.com, the largest online retailer of gift cards, today announced a partnership with American Greetings Corporation, LLC, one of the world’s largest greeting card companies. Starting today, visitors to GiftCards.com will be able to purchase egreeting card content from American Greetings and pair it with an eGift Card from GiftCards.com.

A Few Facts About Greeting Cards - From All of Us at NPR | NPR, June 21, 2015
With Father's Day this weekend, many Americans are bound to make last-minute trips to find that perfect humorous card for good ol' Dad. Not my roommate. She has a stockpile of greeting cards that she buys not for a specific occasion, not to send to a particular person. She purchases cards just because. 

Father's Day History: 9 Interesting You May Not Know About The Holiday And Its Origin IBT, June 20, 2015
Sunday is Father's Day, the annual holiday where Americans celebrate the men who made them. You may love dear old dad, but how much do you actually know about the observance in his honor? Brush up on your Father's Day background before the big Sunday barbeque. 

Win Over Dad and Grandpa this Father's Day with New Yakety Plaques from American Greetings Global Newswire (Clev.), June 16, 2015
According to the Greeting Card Association, approximately 90 million Father's Day cards are purchased each year. Make sure your card stands out from the pack by giving dad a surprising and original Father's Day card that will keep the laughs coming.

Newsbites: Local Richmond Company PaperFreckles wins GCA LOUIE Award |  Richmond Bizsense, June 16, 2015
A local greeting card companym was one of the winners of the Greeting Card Association's 27th International Greeting Cards Award Competition, the LOUIE Awards, at a gala event in New York City during the National Stationery Show in May. The company won in the category "Romantic Occastions $4.00 and Below" for their "Last Coconut" card.

Shopping for Mother's Day card is a tale of whoa! | The Buffalo News, May 9, 2015
“'We all know that people still send greeting cards,' said Natasha Rankin, who has the numbers to prove it. A 2014 GCA report shows that holiday cards (Christmas, New Year’s, and so on) are the most popular, with 1.6 billion purchased each year. Valentine’s Day cards are a distant second (145 million a year). Mother’s Day, with 133 million cards, is third. Women send 80 percent of greeting cards overall, according to the GCA. A series of surveys conducted by another Washington-based group, the National Retail Federation, describe the gender differences. According to an April survey, the number of men who planned to buy Mother’s Day cards (79.5 percent) is roughly equal to the number of women (80.5 percent)."

Hallmark's new eCard mobile app hopes to target 'soulless' interactions | Computerworld, May 8, 2015
"There's little question that mobile devices are opening a big door for ecards, said Natasha Rankin, executive director of the Greeting Card Association in Washington, which has 150 members, including Hallmark and American Greetings as its largest members. 'As with every company, Hallmark is recognizing wisely that to stay relevant, expanding into mobile is essential," Rankin said in an interview. 'There's definitely an expansion toward leveraging technology.'"

10 Things You Didn't Know About Mother's Day | Action News (Penn.) April 30, 2015
There's no day quite like Mother's Day, where children and adults of all ages stop what they're doing and shower their moms with love and appreciation. But although this matriarchal celebration is commonly associated with delicious brunches and last minute Hallmark cards, Mother's Day actually has a colorful backstory that many people have never heard.

Owner has big plans for young greeting card company | Recordnet.com, February 21, 2015
MemoryTag is just one of a number of innovative start-ups incorporating new technology, and consumers’ passion for mobile devices, into new types of greeting products, said Natasha Rankin, executive director of the Greeting Card Association.

A saint, a goat, a few pagan traditions led to the contemporary Valentine’s Day | The Wilton Bulletin (Conn.), February 14, 2015
What with the $75/dozen roses and the inundation of diamond, chocolate and Victoria’s Secret ads, it’s easy for a cynic to believe that Valentine’s Day was a creation of Madison Avenue, one of those “made-up holidays” created by greeting card companies to generate business in an otherwise dull time of year. Not true. While the Greeting Card Association of America does admit that Valentine’s Day is second only to Christmas in the volume of cards sent (an estimated 150 million valentines are expected to be purchased this year!), they refuse to take credit for the creation of the day itself.

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