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The U.S. greeting card industry is unquestionably among the most creative in the world…tapping into the pulse of American culture to turn imagery and language into one of today’s most unique and beloved forms of communicating – the greeting card. From postal to environmental concerns, the GCA and its members are continually seeking commonsense solutions to improve both the greeting card industry and the card-sending experience. 

Commonsense Postal Solutions

The United States Postal Service is in trouble…but there is a common sense solution that will set it on a sustainable path to solvency. The Greeting Card Association has released an exhaustive review of 100+ alternative solutions that will maintain the Postal Service’s mission of universal service WITHOUT cutting critical services or raising rates. Click here to read more.


GCA Supports the Continuation of 6-day Mail Delivery

The Greeting Card Association supports the continuance of 6-day mail delivery as a core part of the Postal Service’s universal service responsibility.

The GCA believes that this essential service standard provides important benefits to individual consumers and small businesses. Furthermore, the savings estimates offered by the Postal Service for ending Saturday delivery have been vastly inflated. Reductions in processing facilities and other service changes would almost certainly make it difficult to implement the elimination of Saturday service in order to capture any meaningful savings. Meanwhile, the Postal Service continues to expand service for certain mail categories while stating that Saturday service cannot be maintained.

Fortunately, key Members of Congress agree that maintain 6-day delivery is essential. Representatives Sam Graves (R-MO) and Gerry Connolly (D-VA) have once again introduced a resolution supporting continued 6-day mail delivery. H.R. 12 - "Empower the United States Postal Service to Thrive in the 21st Century," advocates for current service standards, including continuation of six-day mail service.

There is a way you can act today

We have prepared a draft letter designed to be sent to your Member of Congress urging her/him to cosponsor the Graves/Connolly resolution. We would appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to place this message on your letterhead, sign, and mail this to your Member of Congress. It would be very helpful in building a strong showing of support.

Finding your Member of Congress is easy. Simply go to the following website and enter your address:

Last Congress we were able to help generate 228 cosponsors for their resolution. Getting back to that level as soon as possible is the best way to encourage our leaders in Washington to focus on more commonsense reforms for the Postal Service.

Our thanks to the 12 GCA member companies that added their names to our letter to the Appropriations Committee advocating for inclusion of a new 6-day rider for the FY2016 appropriations bill. A strong showing of support is one of the best ways we can ensure that the Appropriators will preserve this important service standard.

Thank you for your attention and help with our requests to help ensure continued 6-day mail service.

Postal Matters

More than 60 percent of all greeting cards are mailed.  Since its founding, GCA has been at the forefront in advocating fair and reasonable postage rates for consumers, and preserving postal mail delivery 6 days a week to every U.S. address

GCA has also been instrumental in encouraging the Postal Service to adopt new products and services that can ease and improve the consumer’s ability to mail cards and letters. 

For example, the Greeting Card Association was one of the earliest proponents of a “Forever” stamp to help reduce the cost burden of first-class postage hikes, and the inconvenience of purchasing one- and two-cent stamps whenever rates increased. Due in part to GCA’s efforts, the now-familiar Liberty Bell “Forever” stamp became a reality in May of 2007. 

In May of 2010, the GCA's goal of finding a solution for the 20-cent surcharge for cards and letters mailed in square envelopes was achieved, when the U.S. Postal Service launched the Butterfly stamp.  Click here for additional details about this stamp and how manufacturers can benefit.

The GCA continues to work with the U.S. Postal Service on a variety of issues and innovations to ensure that the mailing concerns and card-sending preferences of consumers are taken into consideration.

Environmental Responsibility

The Greeting Card Association and its members believe that everyone has a responsibility to help foster the sustainability and conservation of the earth’s resources to meet the needs of future generations.

To that end, GCA’s members are committed to environmentally responsible practices not only in the production of greeting cards, but in their day-to-day business operations as well.

Greeting cards are much more than words and imagery.  They are a valued part of our culture, and a lasting way for people to connect and share their thoughts and wishes.  Because paper is at the heart of our industry, we strive to use this renewable resource wisely, responsibly, and with care. 

We continually endeavor to select materials and manufacturing methods that can reduce waste, foster sustainability and minimize the industry’s impact on the environment.

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