The highlight of *Noted 2022 was once again our Pitch Programs, which gave selected makers the opportunity to each pitch their line in a brief session with a panel of retailers. This year, we offered makers the opportunity to record their pitch from their *Noted exhibit space. Check them out below! We encourage anyone with interest in any of these lines to reach out directly to the makers for further information – their websites are linked below.

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Discover Makers of Color

GCA recognizes the systematic boundaries that have limited the voices, impressions, and reach of Makers of Color.  As a community, we must continue to learn, adaptand highlight these Makers to push industry inclusion, belonging, and representation. Check out the videos below from makers of color!

Find New Makers

Retailers are always looking for a fresh selection of cards from up-and-coming new Makers. Watch the videos below from makers who have been selling their cards wholesale for three years or less.

Land Key Accounts

Getting your cards in front of the right decision-makers at key accounts can be difficult for Makers, both new and established alike. Check out the makers below who pitched in front of key accounts.

Pitch Your Line

This was Maker’s opportunity to pitch their vision, their brand, and their cards. Watch the videos below to see each Maker’s unique story. 

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