Become a Sponsor of *Noted

April 28 & 29, 2022

Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture, San Francisco

The generous support of our sponsors strengthens GCA throughout the year. Gain visibility and recognition, stand out as a supporter of the greeting card community, and help GCA fulfill its mission to promote, represent, and celebrate the greeting card industry!

GCA’s *Noted: The Greeting Card Expo is back in person in 2022. Whether you are a publisher who wants to have some fun and support your friends, a retailer who wants to support your favorite makers, or an industry supplier who knows the value of sponsoring events that matter to your customers – GCA offers options for support at all levels. Starting at just $100 – this is your year to make a difference and get noticed!

Each level includes unique benefits and exposure which might include logo recognition, logo item, verbal acknowledgement at event, email messaging, and more. Contact GCA with any questions: Know how you’d like to sponsor? Select your option now!

Associate and Affiliate Members looking for comprehensive packages across all of GCA’s signature events, please check out GCA’s Associate Sponsorship Packages.

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2022 *Noted: The Greeting Card Expo Sponsorship


Sponsor an Affiliate Membership | $100/$150
Invite your favorite Retailer or Sales Rep to receive a 2022 GCA Affiliate Membership.

Restroom Decals – inner | $100 /$150
Restroom Decals – outer | $200/$275
Get seen where least expected…’cause when you gotta go, you gotta go.

Bag Inserts | $250/$300 (Noted Exhibitors only)
Cost of sponsorship plus 500 sample greeting cards. Your cards will be included in the first 500 attendee bags.

Sponsored Social Media Post | $300 /$400
Get your brand featured on the GCA Noted IG feed.

Restroom Hand Towels | $750/$900
Hand washing is important – get your logo in front of buyers while they have all your focus.

Noted@*Noted Display | $1,000/$1,250 (not available to card publishers)
Support the display of Noted@Noted finalists and winners on the showroom floor.

Window Decals | $1,200/$1500
Your logo affixed to windows at the event – clearly a great way to get noticed at *Noted.

Coffee Hour | $1,500 /$2000
Everyone loves coffee – so sponsor a coffee hour on the show floor to gain visibility and gratitude from the groggy masses.

Pitch Program/Scholarship Fund | $1,000, $2,500, $5,000
GCA’s unique Pitch Program continues to make a difference for brands who want to get noticed. By supporting the program, you support the entire industry and set cardmakers up for future growth!

Associate-Hosted Reception for Exhibitors | $3,000 or $5,000 (Associate members only)
Your company, products, and services can get the full attention of *Noted exhibitors at this reception on Thursday, April 28 hosted by GCA Affiliate Members. Multiple opportunities are available to ensure you get the exposure you want!

  • $3,000 Sponsorship
    • Your logo featured as a sponsor of the Noted Exhibitor Reception hosted by GCA Associate Members:
        • In print materials on-site
        • On GCA Website
        • On signage at event
    • Two Associate Attendee registrations for Noted in San Francisco
    • Inclusion in a group email to all Noted Exhibitors
    • In-Kind Donation TBD (printing, paper, ad space, media, etc. depending on supplier type)
    • Drink tickets to distribute to exhibitors
  • $5,000 Sponsorship
    • Same benefits as $3,000 Sponsorship PLUS:
      • One dedicated email to all GCA members
      • Table at the Reception to display materials and share information
      • Two Tickets to the Louie Awards Ceremony in San Francisco

Charging Station | $5,000/$6,000
A dead phone is a paperweight. Sponsor a Charging Station on the show floor to keep the electricity, and business, flowing at *Noted.

Lanyards | $6,000/$8,000
Your logo on the badge lanyards worn by everyone at the show gives you major exposure throughout all *Noted events!

Event Sponsor | $5,000, $8,000, $12,500, $15,000
General sponsorship of the event helps make *Noted possible. Funds are allocated where they can do the most to ensure a successful event for exhibitors and attendees, and you gain the broadest recognition as an Event Sponsor.

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