Exhibitor Resources

We will update this page daily with information on how to take advantage of your *Noted exhibitor package. Scroll down for important updates regarding your exhibit space, as well as additional benefits available to you.

Exhibitor Services Manual

Contains valuable information from preparation, shipping requirements, booth guidelines, and deadlines to important dates and order forms for your booth.

View the Exhibitor Kit Here


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions Document can be found here with updates as of March 9, 2023.

  • The above document includes some measurements, answers to questions regarding what you can and cannot bring, times, and more.
  • What is my exhibit space #? You can view all space numbers on the website here: https://sfnow2023.smallworldlabs.com/exhibitors


Move-In Information

Move-In starts at 12:00pm on Wednesday April 26th. A few updates/reminders:

  • Shipments sent to the advance warehouse will be delivered to your exhibit space by noon or shortly thereafter. 
  • If you have any issues or need help with anything, the FB International Exhibitor Services desk will be located in the front of the hall near the coat check area. There will be lots of signage!
  • Empty boxes and trash will be removed from the hall by 6pm on Wednesday, April 26.  If exhibitors need to keep their empty boxes, please apply “EMPTY” stickers on the boxes.  Stickers will be available at the FB International Exhibitor Services Desk.
  • Please remember that all decorations and fabrics must be flameproofed and foam board must be flame retardant.


Food and Drink Information

Start the market off energized with complimentary coffee & breakfast pastries served on the show floor from 8am to 9:45 am on Thursday and Friday mornings, located in the American Greetings and Hallmark lounges. 

Beverages, snacks, and lunch options are available during show hours on Thursday and Friday. There will be a variety of offerings including salads, sandwiches, bowls, and more! Sample pricing: 

  • Bottled Water, Coffee, Tea, Assorted Soft Drinks : $3.00
  • Snack and Lunch items: $3.00 – $15.00. Sample Menu:
    • Sweet and Salty Selections: Cookies, Pastries, Chips @ $3.00-$4.00
    • Snack Plates: Cheese and Fruit, Smoked Salmon, Hummus and Pita @ $8.00
    • Fresh Sandwiches: Roasted Turkey, Tomato/Mozzarella/Basil @ $8.00
    • Quesadillas @ $8.00
    • Boxed Salad Selections: Chicken Caeser, Mediterranean Hummus, Tuna Stuffed Tomato @ $10.00

Direct your customers and buyers to the sponsored specialty coffee cart on the show floor each day from 10am – 2pm.  Drink offerings include espresso, cappuccino, lattes, teas, and more!

Grab a slice at the Mozzeria food truck outside of the hall from 11:30 am-2:30 pm on Thursday. Offering wood-fired Neapolitan pizza, you will have a selection of 10” pies to choose from ranging from $13.00-$16.00.

Celebrate the end of the show by braving the crowds at Food Truck Friday on the Fort Mason Campus on Friday from  5pm – 10pm – featuring dozens of food trucks and live music from Big Blu Soul Revue.

Exhibitor Badges

In order to register your exhibitor badges for the show, follow the below instructions:

  1. You will have an allotted number of complimentary badges based on your exhibit space size.
  2.  Click here to register.
  3. Click Begin Registration under Not Yet Registered
  4. You were sent a promo code to input. If you need us to resend, please email gca@greetingcard.org.
    1. This is unique to you and your company, so don’t share outside of those attending within your exhibit space
  5. Click Apply Code and then fill in all the information requested by the red asterisk
  6. Get to the end of the page and click next until you get to the final page that says Confirmation and you’ll be all set.
  7. Repeat if you need multiple passes.
  8. If you need to purchase additional passes beyond what is complimentary to you, they are $35 each and you were sent a separate promo code to input when registering. This is also a unique code to you and your company.
  9. If you need assistance with registering, please reach out to Linyer.Zieman@emeraldX.com or Joshua.Johnson@emeraldX.com

Exhibitor Hub

Hosted by Small World Labs, this is the platform where you will update your company information so it’s visible to buyers on the Exhibitor Directory. The Exhibitor Directory can be found here: https://sfnow2023.smallworldlabs.com/exhibitors To see only *Noted exhibitors, click “Sections” on the left hand menu and use the drop down to select “*Noted”.


*Noted Schedule:

Wednesday, April 26th:

  • Exhibitor Move-In: 12:00 pm – 11:59 pm

Thursday, April 27th:

  • Exhibitor Move-In: 7:00 am – 10:00 am
  • Pitch Programs: 9:00am – 10:00am (invite only)
  • Noted @ *Noted Awards Ceremony – 10:00am – Booth #415
  • Show Hours 10:00am – 6:00pm – Show Floor
  • Associate Hosted Reception – 6:00pm – 7:30pm – Mezzanine

Friday, April 28th:

  • Noted @ *Noted Award Winner Parade – 10:00am
  • Show Hours 10:00am – 6:00pm – Show Floor
  • Exhibitor Move Out 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm


Spread the Word About *Noted!

Participate in our *Noted Social Media Campaign – Share on social media that you’re attending! *Noted is a community event and the more retailers we have attend, the better the show will be for everyone. We want to flood Instagram with *Noted information.

  • Exhibitor Social Media Kit – download some images to use on social media.
    • Special thank you to Amy from Keller Designs, Brad from Maginating, and Christy from Paper Baristas, for helping to create these images!
  • Share your retailer list with the GCA – GCA does a marketing campaign to invite retailers to attend *Noted. Since the 2019 *Noted, member makers have contributed more than 11K retailers to this list; the more we have, the better traffic and sales will be at *Noted, for all of us. If interested, please send your list to ksulewski@greetingcard.org.
  • Send physical mailers! Let your retailers know you’ll be there – include your exhibit space number and invite them to visit you.


*Noted Exhibitor Webinars

GCA will be hosting webinars for one-hour via Zoom to answer questions and go over all things related to *Noted every two weeks. Exhibitors will receive a calendar invitation. If you need it resent, please email gca@greetingcard.org.

*Noted Hotel Block Information

The GCA Room Block at the  Kimpton Alton Hotel in Fisherman’s Wharf has sold out. You can feel free to reach out to the hotel to see if they have any additional rooms available.

While we don’t have another room block, here are some hotel recommendations from other exhibitors:


Katie Hunt of Proof to Product preaches the power of camaraderie over competition – and *Noted is all about that, an event created by the greeting card community for the greeting card community! Courtesy of Proof to Product, check out these tradeshow resources to help you get ready before, during, and after, *Noted:




Any questions? Email gca@greetingcard.org!