Volunteer Opportunities

The More You Give, the More You Get.

Interested in volunteering? Here are just a few reasons why you should say YES to a volunteer assignment.

  • It’s the perfect way to connect with other publishers, designers, artists and service providers who care deeply about the success of our industry.
  • You can express your ideas, use your skills and abilities, and enjoy the company of others who appreciate your ideas.
  • It’s an opportunity to be part of something that benefits your company, the greeting card business, and your career!
  • Move up the ladder and be considered for leadership in the GCA.

The Greeting Card Association has multiple standing committees in which GCA member employees may participate. Read below about the committees and check out who serves on them here:

Noted: The Greeting Card Expo Committee – Committee members work with the Chair and Co-Chair to assist with the general promotion of the event, the selling of exhibit space, development of educational panels, finding the right location for future Noted events, and much more.

Annual Workshop & Retreat Committee – Committee members work with the Chair and Co-Chair to help plan the agenda, spot talented presenters, and identify new programming all while improving the overall attendee experience.

LOUIE Awards Committee – The LOUIE Awards Committee develops thematic branding and collateral, leads the GCA’s planning, logistics, and promotion efforts, recruits judges and paid/in-kind sponsors. It works with Associate members and coordinates with GCA staff on logistics and budget.

Membership Committee – This committee continues to introduce new members to the GCA and is looking for help in maintaining that momentum. Add your voice and energy to new initiatives and help shape the future of new and existing programs.

Public Affairs Committee – The GCA’s relationship with legislators and the USPS is better than ever thanks to the hard work of this committee. Help us continue to strengthen our relationship with the government and promote the importance of card-sending via the USPS.

PR and Communications Committee – This committee is crucial in developing sales and marketing plans for Noted: The Greeting Card Expo, including social media, advertising, and more. Committee members will also help develop engagement and marketing strategies for Thinking of You Week,” the annual USPS Holiday Marketing Campaign, and the GCA LOUIE Awards.

Thinking of You Week Committee – Committee members work with the Chair to assist with the general promotion of the event and development of any promotional materials. Add your voice and energy to new initiatives and help shape the future of this international movement to celebrate the joy of sending and receiving hand-written notes and greeting cards.

View who is serving on each committee here.

Committee appointments are generally for one year, with the option to continue for additional years or move to different committee assignments. There is also the option for project-based work, for those who prefer a shorter commitment. To receive announcements regarding the latest list of committee openings, contact a GCA staff member and provide your primary e-mail address, join our members-only LinkedIn group, or contact Executive Director Nora Weiser.


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Interested in being a GCA committee member? Contact us.