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The Greeting Card Association benefits members in so many ways. For more information on how the GCA can work for you, visit the Benefits of Membership page.

To be considered for membership, a company must be eligible for one of the categories shown below. Once a fully completed application or renewal form, samples of the company’s work (Regular and Subsidiary members), and membership fees (see below) have been submitted, our Membership Committee will promptly review the materials and consider applications for membership. Once approved, a membership typically extends through December 31st of the appropriate year. Questions regarding this process may be referred to a GCA staff member.

GCA annual fees are based on the calendar year and annual greeting card/stationery sales (previous year, if applicable), and vary with a company’s membership category. Scroll down to view membership fees.

Membership Categories and Fees

Regular Membership – North American card makers, publishers, and artists. Any company, partnership or corporation in the United States or Canada that is engaged in the creation, publication, or distribution of greeting cards or in the creation of artwork for greeting cards, social stationery, gift wrap, and/or party ware.  Apply at this level.

International Membership – International card makers, publishers, and artists. Any company, partnership or corporation outside the United States or Canada that is engaged in the creation, publication, or distribution of greeting cards. Apply at this level.

Associate Membership – Suppliers of paper, printing, envelopes, equipment, raw materials, and other business products, services, or consulting. Any company, partnership or corporation engaged in a business which is kindred or allied with the creation or publication of greeting cards in the United States or Canada. Apply at this level.

Regular Subsidiary Membership – Regular Members with brands or lines that they wish to have hold their own membership(s). Any company, partnership or corporation engaged in the creation or publication of greeting cards which is a subsidiary of a parent entity that is a Regular Member of the Association. Apply at this level.

Affiliate Membership – Retailers, sales representatives, and manufacturers of related paper products that do not include greeting cards. Any company, partnership, or corporation in the U.S. or Canada engaged in the distribution, wholesale, or retail sale of greeting cards or in the manufacture of related paper products not including greeting cards (i.e. social stationery, gift wrap, party ware), but ineligible for Regular or Associate Membership in this Association as such memberships are defined. Apply at this level.



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Working closely with the USPS, the GCA Postal Affairs Committee developed the Butterfly stamp and a special indicia for cards that don’t qualify for First Class Mail, which benefits all greeting card companies as well as retailers and customers. This could never have happened without the GCA.

George White

Up With Paper

Annual Fees for Regular Members

Based on annual greeting card/stationery sales (from previous year)

Annual Sales Annual Fee
More than $250 million $78,750
$100 million to $250 million $24,150
$50 million to $99,999,999 $18,375
$15 million to $49,999,999 $11,500
$5 million to $14,999,99 $8,400
$2 million to $4,999,999 $3,675
$1 million to $1,999,999 $1,825
$500,000 to $999,999 $875
$300,000 to $499,999 $550
Less than $300,000 $395

*When renewing after initial membership


Annual Fees for Associate Members

Based on annual sales (from previous year)

Annual Sales  Annual Fee
Over $20 million $3,275
$15 million to $20 million $2,495
$5 million to $14,999,999 $1,795
Under $5 million $1,295

Annual Fees for Subsidiary & International Members

Annual Fees   
Subsidiary Member $5,250
International Member $395

Annual Fees for Affiliate Members

Annual Fees  
Retailer $60
Sales Rep/Rep Group $175
Manufacturer $1295

Please Note:

The Greeting Card Association is a nonprofit 501(c) (6) trade association, Tax ID No. 13-1672624. Dues and meeting registrations paid to the GCA are not tax deductible as charitable contributions. As required by the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993, the GCA estimates that 20% of dues payments is allocated to lobbying activities and is not deductible for federal income tax purposes, but may be partially deductible as a business expense.  Please consult your tax advisor for additional  guidance.