Greeting Card Association Town Hall Program

The GCA Town Hall Program, a bi-weekly, members-only virtual event, is a unique opportunity to connect people who share a passion for the greeting card industry.

These meetings started as a way to engage with members at the beginning of the COVID-19 shutdown. The idea was to provide a platform for members to connect — the only goal was to see how everyone was doing and if there was anything we could help one another with and if there was anything the GCA could do to help.

For one hour every other Wednesday we gather to talk about industry news (sales, distribution, social media, sourcing, etc.) as well as some updates on what’s going on on in the GCA.

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I’m a GCA member, because I value the opportunity to network regularly with industry peers to discuss the challenges facing the changing social expression industry. The GCA provides a forum to brainstorm new opportunities for potential collaborations, and to learn from industry and consumer experts.

Susan January

Vice President, Leanin' Tree, Inc.