Greeting Card Association Mentorship Program

The GCA Mentorship Program, a members-only service, is a unique opportunity to connect people who share a passion for the greeting card industry.

The goal: pair an experienced industry professional with a new or smaller publisher who wants to broaden her understanding of the industry’s challenges and opportunities.

This program is an exclusive member benefit. To learn more about the GCA Mentorship Program, and to ensure that you are ready to take the next step, please review our Mentorship Introduction, FAQs, and Readiness Resources.

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Mentorship Webinar Series

Overall Goal: The goal of the Mentorship Webinar Series is to engage our members while providing helpful information and tips to help you make more of your business. The GCA Mentorship Program provides a unique opportunity to connect people who share a passion for the greeting card industry – this webinar series is a natural extension of that!

The Mentorship Sub-Committee will develop discussion topics that we hope will allow for more member engagement and will serve to help broaden the understanding of each company’s challenges and opportunities, as well as those of the larger industry.  Our first webinar was in April 2019 and details on upcoming webinars will be available soon.

Presenters are asked to provide insight on a certain topic and then the presentation will be followed by a question and answer period. We will be asking attendees to provide questions beforehand, for the sake of preparation. But time will also be reserved during each webinar to allow for any questions that might come up.

The GCA Mentorship Program is an exclusive member benefit. To learn more about this program, please review the information here.

Venue: Sessions are presented online and will include both audio and visual content.

Audience: The GCA Mentorship Webinar Series is open to all GCA members worldwide.

Registration Fees:

GCA Member – Free (Registration is limited to the first 20 members for each session.)

I’m a GCA member, because I value the opportunity to network regularly with industry peers to discuss the challenges facing the changing social expression industry. The GCA provides a forum to brainstorm new opportunities for potential collaborations, and to learn from industry and consumer experts.

Susan January

Vice President, Leanin' Tree, Inc.