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Explore over 80 greeting card brands.
     Shop 65,000+ unique items.
          Support a platform that supports makers and reduces their costs.
               Why sift through thousands of other products when YOU NEED CARDS? 

The GCA Marketplace is powered by our partner, Brandwise. The GCA Marketplace lets you place wholesale greeting card orders directly with members of the Greeting Card Association (GCA). Combining Brandwise’s technical expertise with the industry-focused mission of the non-profit GCA, the digital platform encourages you to support brands on a platform built just for them.

What is GCA Marketplace?

A B2B on-line marketplace built to provide retailers and buyers a one-stop-shop for their greeting card needs. Retailers can shop their favorite brands as well discover exciting new brands through a dynamic search experience. The site is hosted by Brandwise, which partners with non-profit trade associations to give their members an easy, low-cost transactional platform.

What brands are on the GCA Marketplace?

Greeting card makers and publishers who are members of the Greeting Card Association provide a robust marketplace – currently featuring over 80 makers and over 65,000 products!

Where is it?

Everywhere you are! The GCA Marketplace is accessible 24/7 through your phone, your iPad, your laptop, and even your smart TV!

Why does the Greeting Card Association (GCA) host its own B2B online marketplace?

In parallel with its non-profit mission to educate, promote, represent, and celebrate the greeting card industry, GCA offers members the chance to sell on the GCA Marketplace so members and retailers have the opportunity to connect and engage in commerce. GCA already hosts *Noted: The Greeting Card Expo, the only tradeshow exclusively for and by greeting card makers, and the Louie Awards which honor the creativity of the stationery industry and the best cards of the year.

How do I get started?

Click here to start shopping, or click the Shop Now button in the left menu. Your first step will be setting up your Brandwise Passport – just like a real passport, it grants you access to the world (of greeting cards, that is….)

I already have a Brandwise Passport, will I need to do anything extra to join GCA Marketplace?

All you’ll need to do is connect to the GCA Marketplace and request to shop!

What are some of the features of GCA Marketplace?

You can search and shop within a brand or by searching for keywords. You can still work with your local, knowledgeable salesperson or rep. You’ll always have full access to your order history.

Who do I contact with questions about the GCA Marketplace?

You can email questions to Brandwise VP of Association and Buyer Engagement, Kelly Bristol

Can I also attend *Noted: The Greeting Card Expo virtually on May 20 & 21, 2021?

Absolutely! Registration for qualified buyers is FREE, so register today.

Can I submit more questions?

Yes! Please submit your questions and we’ll provide more

A trade association is uniquely positioned to bring together its members for a common purpose. In this case, that purpose is to help them reach more buyers and transact B2B sales online in a simple, low-cost manner. The GCA Marketplace will offer a one-stop-shop for retailers seeking the best products in a space wholly dedicated to greeting cards. The Brandwise team has experience working with associations, and they really took the time to understand the needs of our specific association and our members. Together, we were able to create a partnership that reflects the current and evolving needs of GCA stakeholders.
Nora Weiser

Executive Director, Greeting Card Association

Become a GCA Member

Every GCA member is able to be a part of the GCA Marketplace. But there are so many reasons to join. The GCA today represents nearly 200 American and international publishers from diverse businesses – ranging from young start-ups to established companies of all sizes, scopes and years in the industry – as well as suppliers that provide production services and product distribution at the wholesale level.