GCA Marketplace Powered by Brandwise

Reach thousands of new buyers.
     Lower your sales and marketing costs.
          No set up costs, low 3% transaction fee.
               Get noticed in a wholesale market focused on greeting cards. 

The GCA Marketplace is powered by our partner, Brandwise a MarketTime Company. Now, GCA members can set up their own, unique online B2B presence in a marketplace available exclusively for GCA members and retailers from across the world. Find out more in the FAQ below. Ready to sign up? Click here! 

To help you understand how to maximize this member benefit and reach retailers in a new way, we offered a live webinar to help you learn the steps to participate. You can view the recording by clicking here and inputting your name/email. Some of your fellow members have already loaded-in their product images and information, and we want your products to be live and ready to be ordered by greeting card buyers when we launch!

Not a member of the GCA? Learn more about membership and join here!

 Check out the NEW MarketTime Support Center!

The new MarketTime Support Center is filled with helpful links with instructions and everything you need to create a successful shop. Look under the Brandwise Platform box for pertinent information, including some that are specific to GCA. Access the MarketTime Support Center here!  

If you need assistance regarding your shop or an order you placed, please contact marketplace@markettime.com or kbristol@markettime.com.

Helpful Videos:

  • On the GCA Marketplace and need some help with how to receive and process orders through Stream Lite? Watch this video!
  • Need help finding your GCA Marketplace direct link? Watch this video!

What is the GCA Marketplace?

The GCA Marketplace is a new year-round online B2B marketplace that is available exclusively to GCA members and will be promoted to all retailersThe Marketplace is built in partnership with Brandwise and hosted on Brandwise’s Reach 2.0 platform. Since 1997, Brandwise has been entrusted to manage a vast portion of the business activity in the gift and home décor industries. With Reach 2.0, and their partnership with non-profit trade associations like GCA, Brandwise continues its work to offer new and innovative solutions to the wholesale community. Over 25% of GCA members already rely on Brandwise to streamline their wholesale order process. 

What are the benefits of participating in the GCA Marketplace?

There are many great reasons to join the GCA Marketplace today: 

  • Rather than getting lost in a sea of thousands of other cardmakers, as well as unrelated gift and home products, GCA members will be front and center with retailers seeking greeting cards 
  • No up-front fees, simple order-delivery system, and a low 3% transaction fee on orders 
  • Access to thousands of retailers, many who will discover your products for the first time 
  • Product discoverability, with search parameters that help you attract the right buyers 
  • If you’re interested in working with sale reps, the GCA Marketplace can help them find you – and vice versa 
  • If you already work with sales reps, the GCA Marketplace can help direct buyers through your current channels (coming March 2021) 
  • By participating, you are helping GCA and the greeting card industry grow its visibility 
  • Special marketing opportunities throughout the year to attract retailers 


How will retailers access the Marketplace?

The GCA Marketplace launched in March 2021. Retailers can shop now using their Brandwise Passport.

How are retailers approved to shop on the platform?

All interested retailers are admitted into the GCA MarketplaceIndividual vetting should be done by GCA members to ensure each retailer is a good fit for their brand. 

Can a company have multiple team members log in, i.e. will a manager and sales associate have different log in credentials?

Yes. Every individual will have their own personal Brandwise Passport connected to the business.  

How do I load my product and company data onto the site?

After you sign up, you will be sent a full onboarding guide that will walk you through the process step-by-step. You can also check out this Supplier Quick Start Guide.

Who can participate?

Any GCA Regular, Artist, or Subsidiary Member in good standing is eligible to participate. Be sure to keep your membership current, as letting it lapse will mean your company is removed from the GCA Marketplace. You can renew your 2021 Membership Now to be sure you stay active!  Renew your existing GCA membership by logging in here.

How much does it cost to participate?

There are no upfront fees for GCA members who wish to set up a shop in the GCA Marketplace. Once you sign up, you’ll have access to the GCA Marketplace setup guide, and your onboarding will be supported by the Brandwise team to ensure a smooth process. At the end of each fiscal quarterparticipating members will be billed a 3% transaction fee by Brandwise on orders generated through the GCA Marketplace. 

What are the steps I need to take to set up my storefront?

Once you’ve completed your Marketplace Agreement, you will be sent materials to walk you through the on-boarding process.  These are the main elements: 

  1. Prepare your product list (item name, SKU, short and long description, etc.) 
  1. Upload that product info file and align data fields 
  1. Prepare product images as specified 
  1. Upload product images 
  1. Add a lifestyle image and answer questions about your preferred terms, payment, shipping, etc. 

What’s a SKU?

SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit. It may also be referred to as an item number, item code, or product code  

What if I already work with Brandwise? And what if my Brandwise orders come through sales reps or agencies?

You will receive your Marketplace orders through Stream, Brandwise’s proprietary system that delivers orders to you digitally. If you already work with Brandwiseand receive orders through a Stream product, you are good to go! If you don’t, you will be provided with a free version of the Stream service that will provide you only with orders placed through the GCA Marketplace. If you wish to have Marketplace orders go to your Salespeople for review prior to the orders being submitted, this functionality will be available in early March.   

How can I upload images to show both the front and inside of my cards?

Currently, the best way to do this is to create a collage image that combines photos of both the front and the interior of the card. If you only want to include the inside copy from a card, you can simply include that text in the long product description for that item. 

I sell other products in addition to greeting cards, can I include them in my GCA Marketplace store?

Yes! GCA members can include any and all of their products in the GCA Marketplace.  

Will I be able to capture a direct URL to my brand and/or to individual products and include them in my marketing materials, social media, etc.?

Yes! This functionality is included at both the Brand and SKU level. 

What payment methods are accepted? 

Members determine their own payment terms including credit card, Net30, Net60, etc. The platform provides a secure credit card structure. The retailer enters their credit information which is tokenized. This token is then available through Stream in a PCI compliant manner. 

How is contact information maintained?

All stakeholders, including retailers, salespeople, and suppliers maintain their own contact information through their Brandwise Passport. Your Brandwise Passport is separate from your GCA membership profile and changes will not be reflected.  

Can members see what other members have listed?

Through a Passport, member can only see their own products. They cannot see other members’ products. When viewing your own products, you will see the exact view that a retailer sees but you will not be able to add anything to a cart. 

Can I submit more questions?

Yes! Please submit your questions and we’ll provide more answersgca@greetingcard.org

A trade association is uniquely positioned to bring together its members for a common purpose. In this case, that purpose is to help them reach more buyers and transact B2B sales online in a simple, low-cost manner. The GCA Marketplace will offer a one-stop-shop for retailers seeking the best products in a space wholly dedicated to greeting cards. The Brandwise team has experience working with associations, and they really took the time to understand the needs of our specific association and our members. Together, we were able to create a partnership that reflects the current and evolving needs of GCA stakeholders.
Nora Weiser

Executive Director, Greeting Card Association

Become a GCA Member

Every GCA member is able to be a part of the GCA Marketplace. But there are so many reasons to join. The GCA today represents nearly 200 American and international publishers from diverse businesses – ranging from young start-ups to established companies of all sizes, scopes and years in the industry – as well as suppliers that provide production services and product distribution at the wholesale level.