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Exhibitors at *Noted+Gifted​

Below you will find a compilation of commonly asked questions and their answers in regards to *Noted+Gifted. Have additional questions? Email

What is the difference between *Noted and Gifted?

*Noted: The Greeting Card Expo was created in 2019 in response to the closing of the National Stationery Show. The community event is where the largest gathering of greeting card makers come together to highlight their newest creations. The past two years, *Noted took place in San Francisco in 2022 and 2023 co-located with Emerald Expo’s SF NOW, a Bay Area iteration of Emerald’s popular NY NOW tradeshow.

This year, GCA is expanding the 2024 event to include Gifted: The Creative Gift & Home Expo. Both shows will be in the same building, and the floorplan will have exhibitors from both shows mixed throughout. Retailers and buyers will be able to walk the entire floor and see exhibitors from both *Noted and Gifted. 

The wholesale marketplace will continue to follow GCA’s vision as a show by the gift and stationery community for the gift and stationery community. The event is led by engaged volunteers who are committed to meeting maker needs, creating a must-attend show for buyers, and offering an experience that keeps the focus on products and people.

You can read our full press release about the two shows here.

*Noted or Gifted? Which Do I Exhibit With?

*Noted+Gifted is one cohesive show, one floorplan, one venue. However, if you are interested in exhibiting, you will first need to decide if you want to exhibit as a part of a *Noted section or as a part of a Gifted section.

*Noted exhibitors must exhibit at least 60% greeting cards and their exhibit spaces come with wall ledge shelves suited specifically for greeting cards (they are only 1″ in depth). *Noted spaces have a bar-height table and chair provided and are a bit more restrictive with what additional furniture can be brought in to their spaces.

Gifted exhibitors are not limited in their product selection and spaces include a floor-standing, four-shelf ladder unit for their display. Gifted spaces also have a lower table and chair provided.

You can view pricing for both *Noted and Gifted here and you can see more about what comes with each exhibit space, renderings, furniture, etc. here.

Is there a hotel block for exhibitors to book rooms in?

The GCA has a block of rooms at a discounted rate.

Hotel: Kimpton Alton Hotel | Fisherman’s Wharf
Address: 2700 Jones St, San Francisco, CA 94133
Rate: $179/night + taxes and fees

Book Here
How much does it cost to exhibit?

You can view the pricing grid for *Noted and Gifted here.

What is included in each exhibit space?

You can view the list of inclusions for *Noted and Gifted here.

Can I see renderings of the exhibit spaces?

Find exhibit space renderings and more on the *Noted Info Sheet and the Gifted Info Sheet

Can I choose my exhibit space?

When you sign up for your exhibit space, you will have the opportunity to view the floorplan, see the spaces available, and choose your #1 option (along with some alternates).

Where can I view photos of previous shows?

You can view photos from *Noted 2023 here.

If I have a corner space, what walls does that come with?

6×6, 6×12, 6×18, and 6×24 spaces all have a 3ft return wall on both sides. You are able to decorate the outside of the return wall, but you cannot put product for sale on the outside of your exhibit space.

10×10 and 10×20 spaces have 8 ft return walls on both sides. If you would like to request to have a shorter return wall, please reach out to

When will I find out about my exhibit space #?

Within 30 days of receiving your 30% deposit, the committee will review your request, and you will receive an email confirming your exact exhibit space number.

Is there an option for a payment plan?

Yes! Below is the payment schedule we offer.

  • 30% of total exhibit space package is due with contract. Non-refundable.  Space selection will not be approved by GCA until the first deposit is paid.
  • 70% of total exhibit space package is due December 15, 2023. (Exhibitor is liable for 70% of total contract for cancellations or reductions after this date).
  • 100% of total exhibit space package is due March 1, 2024.  (Exhibitor is liable for 100% of total contract for cancellations or reductions after this date).

You will have the option to pay via credit card, check, wire, or ACH. Credit card payment will incur a processing fee of 2.5% per successful transaction.

When will we receive additional information regarding move-in/move out, shipping, decor, furniture, painting, exhibitor badges, and more?

You will receive the exhibitor kit with this information a few months out from the show. We will also host exhibitor webinars where you can ask these questions and we will answer them!