Greeting Card Association Leadership Team

The GCA Board of Directors has full control of the Association’s activities, affairs, property, and funds.  The Board appoints an Executive Committee from among its members, to act on the Board’s behalf, make policy decisions and bind the credit of the Association. The Executive Director serves as an ex-officio member of the Board.

The Board of Directors and Executive Committee hold meetings at least three times per year.

Board of Directors

Amy McAnarney


Hallmark, Kansas City, MO

George White

Immediate Past-President

Up With Paper, Mason, OH

Andy Meehan

Vice President/Treasurer

Consultant to Designer Greetings & Madison Park Greetings

Dan Deardorff

Associate Chair

Ecological Fibers, Hanover, PA

Carlos LLanso

Legacy Publishing Group, Clinton MA

Kate Murray

Quick Brown Fox Letterpress, Saugerties, NY

Dave Phipps

Avanti Press, Detroit, MI

Kelly Ricker

American Greetings, Cleveland, OH

John Smyth

A Smyth Co., Haddonfield NJ

Brad Woods

Maginating, Kirkwood, MO

Nora Weiser

Executive Director

Greeting Card Association, Denver, CO

Advisory Board

Gail Anderson

Universal Presentation Concepts, Madison, WI

Alex Burrow

Sublime & Co, Murrieta, CA

Nicky Burton

Calypso Cards, Newport, RI

Sue Charlier

Leader Paper, Milwaukee, WI

Alan Harnik 

Notes & Queries, Baltimore, MD

Jory Kate Haslett

Leanin’ Tree, Boulder, CO

Lindsay Henry

Inklings Paperie, Detroit, MI

Juliana Kissick

Good JuJu Ink, Oakland, CA

Jessica Noble

Hallmark Cards, Lake Waukomis, MO

Alyson O’Connor

Rust Belt Love, Tonawanda, NY

Ashleigh Pritchard

CharmCat Creative LLC, Martinsville, VA

Tom Shoaf

Biely & Shoaf

Mike Smith

Crown Point Graphics, Indianapolis, IN

Victoria Venturi

Paper Epiphanies, Portland, OR

Rafe Wolf

Quilling Card, Framingham, MA 

Committee Chairs

The following volunteers serve the membership as part of the GCA’s committee structure.  GCA’s standing committees include: Postal Affairs, Workshop & Retreat, LOUIE Awards, Membership, Communications/PR and *Noted. From time to time, the President may establish other ad hoc committees and working groups to help the Association carry out its business.

Thinking of being a volunteer? It’s a way to learn more about a specific area of GCA operations, build important business relationships, and give back to your industry. For more information about volunteer opportunities, contact Nora Weiser, Executive Director.


The Associates Committee manages the Associates’ programs and recommends strategies for deepening their participation in the GCA.  Associates include all non-publisher members (i.e., printers, paper companies, etc.).

Dan Deardorff


Ecological Fibers, MI

Communications and Public Relations Committee

The Communications and Public Relations Committee helps the Executive Committee in developing and/or implementing various communications, marketing, and/or public relations initiatives for the association overall.

Jessica Noble



Workshop & Retreat Committee

The Workshop & Retreat Committee develops program content and a theme and creates designs for event branding and collateral. It also helps recruit sponsors and speakers and works with GCA staff on logistics and budget.

Jason Harberry


Fine Moments

LOUIE Awards Committee

The LOUIE Awards Committee develops thematic branding and collateral, leads the GCA’s planning, logistics, and promotion efforts, recruits judges and paid/in-kind sponsors. It works with Associate members and coordinates with GCA staff on logistics and budget.

Alyson O’Connor

Rust Belt Love, Tonawanda, NY

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee helps recruit and onboard new members and recommends individuals and companies for membership.   It also helps nurture new members and encourage their participation in various GCA events and activities and works with GCA staff on communications and other outreach.

Carlos LLanso


Legacy Publishing Group, Clinton MA

Past President’s Council

The Council helps maintain continuity in the Association’s activities, responds to emerging member needs and makes recommendations to the Executive Committee. It also initiates and/or oversees any required Bylaws modifications. Past Presidents sit on this council.

George White

Chair/Immediate Past President

Up With Paper, Mason, OH

Public Affairs Committee

This Committee manages the GCA’s postal strategy, which includes working with the GCA’s Vice President of Public Affairs, maintaining relationships with the USPS, works with it on marketing communications, and other initiatives. It also advises on legislative matters and updates members on emerging issues and/or action items.

Tom Shoaf, Chair

*Noted Committee

This Committee oversees the planning of the annual *Noted: The Greeting Card Expo. This community-focused and community-driven event is the only one of its kind to focus exclusively on greeting cards and offering space to publishers large and small.

​Dave Phipps


Avanti Press, Detroit, MI

Kate Murray


Quick Brown Fox Letterpress, Saugerties, NY

Nominating Committee

This Committee is responsible for identifying, grooming, and recruiting future leaders to head GCA committees, serve on the Board of Directors, and potentially move to officer roles in the organization. 

George White, Chair

George White


Up With Paper, Mason, OH

Thinking of You Week Committee

Committee members work with the Chair to assist with the general promotion of the event and development of any promotional materials. Add your voice and energy to new initiatives and help shape the future of this international movement to celebrate the joy of sending and receiving hand-written notes and greeting cards.

Ashleigh Pritchard


CharmCat Creative, LLC, Martinsville, VA