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Our Association has a proud history. And we are especially pleased when new companies and young, innovative entrepreneurs join our ranks.

The GCA represents nearly 200 diverse businesses from the United States and around the world – ranging from young start-ups to established companies of all sizes, including suppliers that provide materials, services and product distribution at the wholesale level.

New companies need to do their homework, think long-term, and perhaps have a little luck, to achieve success. At the same time, established businesses need to reassess their offerings and explore new revenue-generating models to remain fresh and achieve success over time. GCA membership can be an important step in achieving that success. We help members explore a wide variety of topics, and keep up on the latest trends, in a friendly, creative environment.

Through member communications, exhibit opportunities, industry data, information exchanges, educational conferences and mentoring, the GCA supports the companies, business owners and “makers” who write, design, publish and distribute greeting cards. To find out more about the benefits of membership, click here. For a current list of fees, or to apply now, click here. To learn more, contact the GCA at or call (202) 216-9627.

This association attracts a particular group of business leaders and owners in one room, all of whom are willing to share some very valuable insights with some who might be deemed competitors. This simply does NOT happen in most trade associations. Join us as a member and come to a GCA event, and you’ll hear how the GCA has helped build their businesses and their networks over many months and years. It’s the quality of the people, the trusting relationships that GCA members and staff nurture over many years, and the fact that each person is willing to share their insights, issues and solutions, that makes the GCA such a valuable resource.

Peter Doherty

Executive Director, Greeting Card Association