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Author Submission Guidelines

Authors are encouraged to:

  • submit editorial content (i.e., no advertising) related to any topic in the greeting card and/or social expression industry, for potential inclusion in one or more of GCA’s publications.

The GCA will inform the author(s) in advance of its intent to publish their article, and if/where an article will be published.

Submitting Content and Images

  • Only representatives of GCA members in good standing may submit content.
  • All content must be in an MS Word file; please limit your file size to 8MB or less.
  • Each piece should be 750 words or less.
  • Email submissions to GCA’s Communications Manager. Provide a suggested title, author’s name and brief profile or bio and a list of any sources used in development.
  • Members are limited to two published articles per calendar year.
  • Submit all artwork and images that accompany your manuscript, in web-ready format (either JPEG or PNG). Authors may include a head shot.
  •  The GCA reserves the right to edit articles for content, length, style, clarity, grammar, and spelling. After manuscript review and revision, decisions about publication will be made and the author(s) will be notified via email. The author(s) will be asked to review and approve edited manuscripts.Authors will be credited for their submissions when an article is published. The GCA is granted permission by the author to post and/or publish the finished article on web pages, in social media and in other official publications without restriction.

If you have any questions regarding these guidelines, please contact the GCA and put “GCA Author Submission” in the subject line.

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