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The Greeting Card Association is the U.S. trade association serving the greeting card and social expression industry. Founded in 1941, the GCA today represents nearly 200 American and international publishers from diverse businesses – ranging from young start-ups to established companies of all sizes, scopes and years in the industry – as well as suppliers that provide production services and product distribution at the wholesale level.


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American Greetings eyes analog disruption at SXSW

CLEVELAND, OH: American Greetings is bringing a message to thousands of technology geeks and digital gurus that descend on Austin, Texas this month for SXSW—everything digital starts with analog, and people are still buying physical birthday cards.

Mar 23 2016 12:00AM
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Americans Spend between $7 and $8 Billion on Greeting Cards

Greeting cards bring in anywhere between $7 and $8 billion, annually, according to Gifts and Decorative Accessories' recent Gift Book Consumer survey 2016.

Mar 14 2016 12:00AM
New article
LOUIE Awards Design Receives Top Billing at Paperspecs

  Like chocolate and peanut butter, there are few combinations better calculated to grab our attention than “Greeting Card Association” and “Awards.”

Mar 8 2016 12:00AM
New article
Empathy Card Contest: And the Winner Is . . .

Last week, we introduced Well readers to Emily McDowell, a writer and graphic artist, and her line of empathy cards, a series of greeting cards that helps provide support during times of serious illness and loss.

Then we challenged Well readers to come up with a new card that could be used to help someone cope with cancer, chronic illness or another of life’s setbacks. As usual our readers did not disappoint, submitting more than 400 turns of phrase to help bridge the gap between friendship and difficult news.&

Dec 17 2015 12:00AM
New article
Beyond ‘Get Well Soon’ – Create an Empathy Card

When Emily McDowell learned at the age of 24 that she had Stage 3 Hodgkin’s lymphoma, she discovered how difficult it is for people to talk about a life-threatening illness.

“I got a lot of ‘Get Well Soon’ cards,” she said. “I was like, ‘I’ll try. I’m working on it.'”

Fifteen years post-treatment, Ms. McDowell launched a stationery and gift company called Emily McDowell Studio. Her experience with illness inspired her to create a line of empathy cards that avoids clichés and offers the kind of supportive

Dec 17 2015 12:00AM
New article

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75th Anniversary LOUIE Awards

THANK YOU for giving us "something to talk about" in 2016!

Enjoy our photos from our recent LOUIE Awards Gala


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Art by George Roberts
After 20+ years in the corporate sector and nine years in the nonprofit world, finally pursuing his love of art is being met with great approval from his family and friends.  Mixed media-pencil, pen & ink, and watercolor are my specialties, and he gravitate to floral, landscape, and architectural subjects. Since relocating to Charleston ten years ago, He is continually inspired by the city's history, beauty, and architecture. His goal is to paint the town--brick by brick, gate by gate, door by door.  

Auto(in)correct is an imprint of The Department of Corrections, LLC, a Cleveland-based purveyor of grammically challenged greetings cards, notepads, and other nonessential purchases. They specialize in terrible puns and low humor of all sorts.

Barton Cotton LLC
Barton Cotton works with over 70 of the world's most recognizable nonprofit causes. They range in size and mission to include social issues, animal rights, children's and faith-based groups. Many of their clients have partnered with us for over six years, a number far above the industry standard. They are truly humbled by their expression of faith in their work. These are just a few causes whose missions they help achieve.

Beyouneeq LLC
Beyouneeq continues to welcome new artist and they look forward to presenting many new art pieces to their customers in the near future. Even thought they are a young publishing company their goal is to become the kickstarter for the unique graphic artists from all over the world. Their vision is to provide a platform for the artists to share their work with the public. They want to connect talented individuals with a wider audience, allowing them to showcase their artistic creations to the masses.

Big Wheel Press
Big Wheel Press was founded by Bill Muller in 2006. He had first been introduced to the world of hand printing by his father in 1964. For 30+ years he has owned Guild Art Supply, a fine art supply store in Northhampton, Ma. If it weren't for this endeavor, he may not have ever found himself in his own print studio! It was during a visit to his friend (an old employee), artist Ali Osborn's, studio that Bill would become driven and determined to start up his very own letterpress studio. 

Bow Ties Greeting Cards
Bow Ties Greeting Cards is a greeting card company created by Phil and Bailey Ayoub, with its world headquarters located in a dog bed in a small office near Providence, Rhode Island. Bow Ties is the logical result of Phil having spent his childhood eating too many chocolate chip cookies and dragging a stuffed Snoopy everywhere he went, followed by an early adulthood writing songs and performing music. This attempt at living out the rock star fantasy let him, naturally, to the next best thing...making greeting cards. Bow Ties are simple, cute, fun cards with unique charm and humor, thanks to Bailey. who came up with the most of the ideas (but lets Phil take the credit).

Card2Life celebrates life's most sincere emotions and inspires its richest memories. Card2Life creates 3D pop-up greeting cards that spring to life with each memorable opening. The handcrafted cards, domestically designed and laser cut, provide exquisits real-life detail that celebrates life's most significan moments. A Division of NavSeven and backed by Hoodoo Capital, Card2Life has brought a new dimension of exicitement, beauty and craftsmanship to the $8 billion greeting crad industry. Led by a team of innovative, experienced artisans and a senior level management team, Card2Life is leading the virtual 3D greeting card market, the most significan growth sector within the industry. Card2Life's product lines for each season and speacial occasion are enhanced with the ability to creat customized and personalized cards.

Carditt Gift Wear
Carditts are a new, clever, and simple way to attach a greeting card to a gift. Designed for wine... and perfect for a zillion other gifts too. Each Carditt has the card to display on the gift, the ribbon with attached clip to hold the card, and the bag to wrap the gift. Their cards have 55% recycled content (or higher) and are printed by a company that has impressive environmental certifications. Most of their ribbons are made from recycled soda bottles! And their brown bags are 100% recycled.

Food for Thoughts Cards
Here's a greeting card company that's all about giving back. With the purchase of each card, Food for Thoughts Cards donates the cash equivalent of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to a food pantry, south kitchen, or other organization that feeds the hungry. They've donated 25,782 sandwiches to date.

Forgotten Art Cards
Forgotten Art Cards is a greeting card company created by two sisters, Carmala Walgren and Betsy Hoffman. The charming images you'll find on their greeting cards were created over 100 years ago by great artists, many of whom are unknown. Most of these true works of art, which came from many sources, were lost and forgotten for many years.

Harvest Paper Co.
Harvest Paper Co. is a line of eco-friendly paper goods and gifts designed to make every day a little more lovely. Pretty, with a touch of wit and humor thown in for good measure, our collection of paper goods, art prints and home goods is thoughtfully designed and created by owner Sam Bearbower from her small home studio in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

iGreet is a startup and their mission is to spread love, bring smiles, good vibes and share emotions. They combine the traditional paper card with augmented reality technology which actually does the magic when you scan the greeting card with their mobile app.

Inventive Invective
They are a snarky card company that specializes in inappropriate humor and cards for atypical occasions, their cards are not for the easily offended. There cards produces independently and printed locally.

Jaimee's Hand-Designed Greeting Cards
Jaimee's Hand-Designed Greeting Cards is the perfect place to find unique, 3D greeting cards. Your friends, family members, and co-workers will get enough of those flat, run-of-the-mill greeting cars they don't really like. A greeting card from Jaimee's Hand-Designed Greeting Cards won't end up in the trash once you leave. Give more than a greeting card...envelop them with joy!

KardZee is an on-demand mobile app that lets you send real handwritten cards, anywhere, anytime. They print and mail it for you. Send a real greeting cards, gift cards and postcards, in your own handwriting - without even picking up a pen. KardZee has developed a patent-pending mobile technology that no other company in the market has. KardZee is a card store, gift store, pen and post office - all in the palm of your hand.

LasX Industries, Inc.
LasX Industries was founded in 1998 with a laser focused mission: design and manufacture the most productive and accurate laser machines for materieals precessing. Using their patented LaserSharp® digital converting technology, they built high power, high speed industrial laser systems that solve unique manufacturing challenges. 

Paper Epiphanies
Paper Epiphanies began with the desire to create a luxe stationery, office goods and letterpress line that actually said what we were thinking. We aim to empower everyone, especially women, to say what they to say and not to feel confined by the rules society makes for them. Paper Epiphanies believes that there is an attitude for every occasion and they hope to represent them all. They create products for real people, in life's most real moments and they think about what you might really want to say.

PaperFreckles' snarky, sometimes inappropriate and irreverent humor, couples with hand-drawn illlustrations and lettering make their cards distinctively PaperFreckles. They believe humans can benefit from more personal communication via handwritten notes - send more cards, less texts! They love to use their sense of humor to contribute something positive to the world. 

Persimmon Press
Since 2003 Persimmon Press has been a publisher of humorous photographic greeting cards. They also import fine greeting cards from the U.K. Their cards are whimsicial and designed to put a smile on every reader's face. 

Quilling Cards
Quilling Card offers a unique and diverse handmade greeting card collection of over 400 designs for all occasions. Their company was founded in late 2011 and was first launched at the NSS show in May 2012. Part od what appealed to them about cards when they were creating their line was not only reviving and modernizing the lost art of quilling, but giving their consumers a unique card option that would sway them to give a physical card instead of the all-too-easy digital message. They consciously made their line-up of entirly blank cards to start reversing this trend and encourage penning a personal message.

September Ink
September Ink specializes in the handcrafted loveliness of letterpress. There's nothing they love more than fresh ink pressed into fluffy cotton paper with splendid new designs. They bring ideas to life for all kinds of paper projects, from cards and stationery to custom wedding invitations and corporate events.

Serenity's Way
Serenity's Way is an Affirmative Greeting Card company. Our mission is to Empower, Inspire, and Remind. Originally written and designed to leave a powerful and positive message for the women at Gateway Battered Women's Shelter, there are now nearly 100 writings and designs focusing on love, gratitude, relationships, recovery, inspiration, empowerment, forgiveness and even new home blessings.

Shade Tree Greetings
Founded in 1992 Shade Tree Greetings is a publisher of greeting cards, magnets, notepads, and other stationery items located in Rochester, New York. Their products can be found in over 3,000 gift shops, card stores, car washes, restaurants, and other retail establishments across the United States and Canada.

Sixty Seconds of Sunshine
A Sixty Seconds of Sunshine greeting card brings a beautiful nature scene to a person who might spend most of their waking hours inside or to a person who is so wrapped in grief or turmoil that they haven't had a dose of nature's beauty for months. Inside each card there are two goofy jokes that have the potential to bring a brief smile and three random facts that give the possibility of distration for just a moment. "I'm thinking of you today" is the line that completes each card. It is one of the most honest sentiments we can express and sometimes it is all we have to offer.

Stick with Scripture
They are sisters with a dream to build a creative and meaningful business with the help and support of family and friends. Their goal is to provide a positive message in every product they create. They combine their heartfelt designs with the inspirational words of scripture in beautiful handmade items.

The Mincing Mockingbird
They are Matt Adrian and Kim Bagwill. They spend quite a bit of time trying to make each other laugh, and their products are a result of that. Matt's Mincing Mockingbird products of avian jackassery have been gracing the hallowed halls of the Internet since 2006. He also

Treeting Cards
Founded by James Cruickshank, he came up with the idea when he was seven due to the deeply felt injustice of his mom by not buying him an Xbox. He knew the only way to get the Xbox was to earn the money himself. So he tried to fast-track it with a lot of different business ventures. After some trial and error, he finally figured it out and started selling his candy cards at local craft shows. Each Treeting Card is a physical card with a sweet candy treat, each card is filled with unexpected twitst and turns and are a true reflection of its creaters love of making people laugh. 

Unreal Greetings
Unreal Greetings is a small, independent greeting card company that creates fresh, funny, and original designs - relatable messages in an uncommon voice. The copy was started in 2012 by Grant Jensen, a guy who has been told numerous time that he has great taste, even though he usually chooses not to use it. After having trouble finding cards that fit his sense of humor, he's often end up getting a schmatlzy card, crossing out the schmatlzy sentiment inside, and writing in something more "appropriate" - something that was unexpectedly funny and heartfelt and sarcastic. Just like him. He did this for years until his sister, after receiving an especially clever card, said, "You need to get off your ass and make these for real. Dork." And unreal Greetings was born.



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