Welcome New Members

I guess you could say that L Cheapo® Cards are in my genes.” – Laura Sheldon, owner/artist,

L Cheapo® Card Co., U.S.A.


“Growing up, I remember my dad making homemade greeting cards. He’d take a piece of plain white paper, fold it in half or quarters, grab a Bic® pen and draw a unique design on the front, write a sweet sentiment on the inside and then, on the back, he’d trace a quarter and write on the inside ’ Cheapo Card Co, USA.’ He’d proudly proclaim to be the ‘cheapest guy’ around because he preferred to give homemade cards to his family (eight kids), especially his beloved wife.

I always treasured receiving his ‘L Cheapo’ cards. In late 2015, I discovered my ‘L Cheapo gene’ when I started creating my own cards using cardstock, an X-acto® knife and glue. I made them for family and friends and received positive reviews from everyone. Friends started asking me to make cards for them to give to others and encouraged me to shift from single-production cards to starting a true greeting card line. Thus, began the research of whether it was possible to capture the uniqueness and high level of detail in each original and reproduce it as a greeting card on a commercial level.

In January 2016, L Cheapo® Card Co., U.S.A., LLC was officially ‘born!’ We received permission from my dad, ‘Mr. L Cheapo,’ to use and trademark the name, and we established great relationships with local companies that professionally photograph the originals and print our cards. We were also permitted, ‘Made In Alaska’ which indicates our commitment to supporting Alaskan businesses.

In addition to greeting cards, we offer our designs as metal art and have just introduced a line of ‘hospitality’ cards designed with the travel industry in mind.”

Why did you become a GCA member? 

“We first learned about GCA while doing research about the greeting card industry. We decided to join because we felt it would be a great way to learn from others in the industry, work with mentors, network, and expose our cards to a broader audience. We’re very excited to be part of GCA!”


Peggy White

Chateau Blanche Designs


“I love stationery! I’ve always loved stationery.  When I was little, I would fold 8×10 sheets of copy paper in half to make cards for my mom and dad. I’d staple random pieces of paper together so I’d have my own journals & sketch books.  I collected stamps, colored every page in all my coloring books, & counted down the days to go school supply shopping like most kids did to Christmas. Everything I offer is either handmade by me or designed by me: from greeting cards & art prints, to notepads & coloring books!  My art has always had a certain sense of humor to it… even when I was told to be doing ‘more serious/deep’ art while in college.  I started my business shortly after a rough patch in my mid/late twenties.  Someone I looked up to challenged me to put all my energy into something outside of other people, to build something that would bring me joy. The thing that took me awhile to realize… I built a business rooted in the sending & receiving of cards and that still brings joy to others.  I love that.”

What’s your role at your company?

“It would be easier to list what my role is not.  I’m extremely proud to say that this is a one woman show!  I’m the designer, the photographer, the secretary. I run all sales, marketing, and social media campaigns. I work events, maintain the website, and package all shipments. All in all, I’m a boss!”

Why did you become a GCA member?

“This was something I had considered for the last year.  I had been to the website and read the information on what it had to offer, but I didn’t feel ready until this year.  After beefing up the catalog and really fine tuning my creative process, I decided it was time.  My hope is that the GCA will allow me the ability to connect with other members in this industry while simultaneously growing my retailers.  I kind of look at it like the yellow brick road… I’m not going to grow if I do not start walking (or skipping and singing).  Nothing will just fall into my lap, I have to do the work; I have to follow the yellow brick road.  To me, the GCA is my road.”


Jade Huynh. Marketing Executive


Tell us about your company and/or your products.

“WOW Paper Art is a young, fast-growing company specialized in Handmade Paper Crafts, born in New York. Inspired by Origami, Kirigami and high-end laser cut, printing technology, WOW offers an ever-expanding array of products including Pop-up Greeting Cards, Pop-up Calendars, Quilling Cards and Pop-up  Books.

‘WOW, this card is amazing’ is the number one reaction from our customers when opening our Pop Up Cards. We love to see the smile on their faces – pure surprise and delight, which is just priceless. That’s why we strive every day to design special, memorable cards.

Our catalog features more than 500 product designs covering all the holidays and occasions, featuring any object that customers can fall in love with: a Birthday Cupcake, a Tulip flower or Santa stuck in a chimney… At the National Stationery Show last year, we introduced a 2-Layer Message Pop Up Card and Dinosaur Laser cut Pop Up Book. They have been a big hit since then.”

Why did you become a GCA member?

“We learned about the GCA during the National Stationery Show. We are excited to connect with other inspiring Artists, Creators, Companies in this exciting industry and also expand our business  by learning useful information from the GCA.”