April 2021

The Power of YET 

If you are familiar with the work of Simon Sinek, then you know that one of his core tenets is that you must start with WHY. It’s a compelling proposition – find out what is most important to you or your business, start there, and then keep that always in mind as you pursue whatever it is you pursue in life. Your WHY will drive you. Your WHY will give meaning to what you do. Your WHY will compel others to buy into your idea. That is the Power of WHY. If you’re an entrepreneur, your WHY might be what got you to start your business. For a non-profit organization like GCA, the WHY is synonymous with our mission, our reason for existing. 

Knowing your WHY is important so you always have a driving purpose in mind. But if the past year of this pandemic has taught us anything, it is that we can’t always do exactly what we want when we want. If what you wanted last year was to travel overseas or throw a big wedding or even just hug your grandmother, you couldn’t do it…even if your WHY was to see the world, marry your soulmate, or spend more time with family.  

So maybe what we need to think about as 2021 unfolds is finding our YET. 

The Power of YET is less about an inner purpose than an inner patience. It means realizing that things are what they are, and they may not be what you want…YET. You might be struggling to achieve a goal, gain a skill, or reach a life stage, but you aren’t there…YET. I’d love to meet GCA members in person at *Noted this spring, but for now we need to stay virtual, so that can’t happen…YET. The GCA Marketplace has launched and orders are starting to come in, but not every member has received an order…YET. Maybe you have a great idea for your line that you just haven’t figured out how to launch…YET. There is a need for work, persistence, and patience, but the positivity of YET is the expectation that what you work towards will happen eventually. 

WHY is filled with purpose, but YET is filled with possibility. YET is realistic and forgiving and positive. It recognizes where we are and recognizes that we can absolutely achieve our goals – we might just not have gotten there YET. With more vaccinations and more restrictions lifting, we’ll all start to reemerge…eventually…just not YET. 

As a member of the GCA community, have you signed up for these opportunities YET? 

Nora Weiser
GCA Executive Director