Quality Fixtures Promote Quality Product
by Gail Anderson, Account Manager, Universal Presentation Concepts

Did you know? Shoppers spend 13% of their time looking at in-store displays of which 44% are at end-caps, 33% on floor displays, and the remaining 23% at counter-top shelf displays. While it’s true that the beauty and originality of a card is what sells, there’s no doubt that a beautiful display will make your brand “pop” out above the rest. Real estate in stores is not easy to secure but displaying your line on a stunning fixture will command preferable location.

Find a way to brand your product so buyers identify you immediately. We can visually strengthen YOUR brand and help sell YOUR art on a presentation that will complement your creativity, not mask it. You have to display your product, so pick a display that enhances your brand and sell-through. Skip the cheap and go for classy! Visual merchandising is what motivates the consumer to make their purchase.  

Greeting cards are a $7.5 billion dollar industry that continues to grow. There is no question that it’s important for consumers to see and feel the cards they send to loved ones. That is why billions of greeting cards are purchased every year. Make sure to score your share of this tried and true commercial enterprise. Remember, quality fixtures promote quality product.

See for yourself how unique fixtures will greatly impact your sales. Visit upcdisplays.com today and contact me directly at gail@upcdisplays.com.