Encourages Consumers to Send Cards and Create a Wave of Happiness;

Promotional Postcards Available Free to Publishers

New York, NY – May 21, 2018 – The Greeting Card Association (GCA) will debut “Thinking of You Week” in the U.S. (September 24 – 30, 2018), building on five successful years of a similar initiative from the United Kingdom’s Greeting Card Association.  

“If you’ve ever felt like you’re not making a meaningful connection with a friend, co-worker or family member, send a ‘thinking of you’ card during this year’s ‘Thinking of You Week,’ said Peter Doherty, executive director, Greeting Card Association. “Of course, selecting, sending and receiving greeting cards throughout the year to remember a birthday, celebrate an anniversary or just about any holiday (or no occasion at all) can bring joy to the sender and the recipient,” he said.  

The GCA’s “Thinking of You Week” seeks to create a broad awareness for the positive impact a greeting card can have on the recipient – especially when it is unexpected – and create a wave of more meaningful connections and caring throughout the year.    

Retailers and consumers can get in on the “Thinking of You Week” action by visiting www.thinkingofyouweekusa.com.  Publishers and retailers are invited to get involved in their local community to create an event to help spread a wave of happiness and caring.  Promotional postcards for publishers to send to retailers in shipments will be available at the National Stationery Show.  (Publishers can visit the GCA Village at the National Stationery Show (booth #1310), Calypso Cards (booth #1922) or email communications@greetingcard.org to request these free promotional postcards.

Select a greeting card and write a note to tell your friends, co-workers and family that you’re thinking of them.  Make their day with a card during “Thinking of You” week – and share your story at info@thinkingofyouweekusa.com.

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