Highlights the Joy and Tradition of Sending/Receiving Holiday Cards

Washington, DC – December 6, 2017 — The Greeting Card Association (GCA) is joining forces with the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) on a new, cooperative, holiday marketing campaign to promote the buying and sending of greeting cards. Through the campaign, the GCA and the USPS seek to increase mail volume and greeting card sales, and promote the positive impact of sending and receiving cards.

Building on the Postal Service’s “More than a Package” campaign, the USPS knows that a card is “more than a card;” it’s a personal connection between sender and recipient.  The campaign is running throughout this holiday season and incorporates some of the best and creative cards provided by GCA member companies from throughout the country.  Watch for the cards on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other media.

“Clearly, this campaign also will benefit card retailers of all shapes and sizes,” said GCA Executive Director Peter Doherty.  “This initiative is another example of how the GCA supports its members, the broader industry and a healthy USPS that delivers mail six days a week,” he said.

GCA members (and other card publishers) can visit https://www.greetingcard.org/usps-2017-holiday-marketing/ to download and use, display and refer to campaign materials on their company websites and their social media platforms.  A webinar outlining the program is available on-demand at: https://www.greetingcard.org/usps-2017-holiday-marketing/.

“Holiday cards continue to be an important part of the holiday tradition,” said Doherty.  “There’s nothing like the warm connection a card creates,” he said.

Three videos kicked-off the campaign, reminding consumers that sending a card is the deepest way of connecting with friends and family this holiday season. Each video focuses on a different aspect of card buying and sending.  For example, for many consumers, the holidays begin with a card.  The GCA and its member companies – through various “influencers,” offer card sending tips.  The third video encourages consumers to highlight creative ways to display the cards they receive.  Card senders understand the feelings of the recipient: an unexpected surprise or a handwritten note to show how much the sender cares.  And the sender appreciates the feeling she (or he) gets when putting pen to paper and crafting the perfect sentiment.  In other words, it’s “more than a card.”

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