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Kennesaw, Ga. August 10, 2018 – J.S. McCarthy of Augusta, Maine replaced an older press from a different manufacturer with the Speedmaster XL 106-4+LYY-P-4+L from Heidelberg to double its productivity. The new press is equipped with a long list of innovations including “Push to Stop” technology, Prinect Pressroom Manager, Prinect Inpress Control 2, and UV, which provide the autonomous production needed to help improve makeready times while reducing waste.

Arming Operators with Cutting Edge Technology

With the press fully installed and a week into production, J.S. McCarthy is eager to expand its business and increase capacity with its new Speedmaster XL 106-4+LYY-P-4+L.  The XL 106 LPL (Print, Coat, Perfect, Print, Coat) configuration takes full printed sheets with aqueous and/or UV coating (on both sides) straight from the press delivery into bindery.

Equipped with the latest “Push to Stop” technology, the Speedmaster’s jobs are autonomously changed over without operator intervention and will continue to print until the operator interrupts it. This software system reduces the number of operating steps during a job change and enables all operators to achieve uniform results.

 “With a crew of operators who have worked on various types of presses over the years, the Inpress and ‘Push to Stop’ technologies were major selling features,” said Jon Tardiff, President of J.S. McCarthy. “Arming our operators with this type of cutting-edge technology is what we need to do in order to remain the low-cost producer in this competitive marketplace and continue to produce the top-quality work that J.S. McCarthy is known for.”

Reliable, Proven, Productive

With maximum production speeds of up to 18,000 sheets per hour, the peak performance press can handle a wide range of substrates from 27 lb. offset to 32 pt. board. Thanks to the technology on the machine, J.S. McCarthy plans to increase its productivity with their current crew of press operators.

“A large portion of our current work already fits this press,” said Tardiff. “Now, with increased capacity, we are giving our sales reps something more to sell. With our old press, it was hard to keep up with the workload during busy times. Thanks to the Speedmaster, we won’t have that problem anymore.”

Another benefit that came with the purchase was the ability to handle even the most complex job changes at the fastest speeds possible thanks to Prinect Inpress Control 2. With this technology on the press, the Speedmaster XL 106 delivers the first measuring result in less than 60 sheets, and the run is ready to start in less than 1 minute. J.S. McCarthy’s XL 106 is also equipped with DryStar UV ensuring maximum curing with minimum heat while still maintaining high-quality print jobs.

Running exclusively on a different manufacturer’s technology for the past ten years, J.S. McCarthy is eager to be running their first Heidelberg press since 2008. The company is already seeing improvements in makeready times, makeready waste, and run speeds across the board.

“The Speedmaster is reliable, proven and productive,” said Tardiff. “We are ready for it to positively impact our company for years to come. We fully anticipate a 50% gain in productivity compared to the production we are currently achieving with our other presses.”

About J.S. McCarthy

For over 60 years, J.S. McCarthy Printers has enjoyed continuous growth and competitive success in a fast-paced and ever-changing industry. As one of New England’s oldest and largest sheetfed printing operations, the company’s goal of top-notch customer service, technological innovation, and superior quality of products has remained paramount. J.S. McCarthy takes its customers’ business seriously because the company’s success depends on it.

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