GCA leadership and our Noted team have discussed how the recent COVID-19 issue might affect our plans for spring events. We intend to proceed with all events, including the LOUIE Awards Celebration and Noted: The Greeting Card Expo in San Francisco. That being said, we are monitoring the developments on a daily basis. San Francisco is expected to be the perfect host for the event, and we applaud the city for being proactive and preparing their citizens for potential disruptions, though we expect none at this time. In addition, the vast majority of our attendees are expected to come from the United States, where the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases remains quite low. Those cases which have been confirmed have been isolated. The GCA team will take the necessary precautions onsite to give our participants peace of mind during their visit to Noted.

We encourage you to consider how you can prepare, by employing simple safeguards such as the measures suggested by the World Health Organization or the Center for Disease Control, and by adopting or continuing habits that lead to good health. Of course, there are still unknowns, and we are learning along with the rest of our community. We are with those in the GCA community who may have been affected directly by the virus, or by travel or other issues associated with it.

See you in San Francisco!



Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay