The Greeting Card Association (GCA) urges the administration to reconsider its recommendation for privatizing the United States Postal Service (USPS). Privatization is antithetical to the Constitutional legacy and statutory mission of the USPS to bind the nation together.

Affordable universal service to every address 6 days a week at a uniform rate is a core requirement that is best served by the current independent government agency model.  Privatization would threaten access to vitally important mail services for many Americans and would almost certainly require that tax payers subsidize universal service and legacy costs for USPS retiree pension and medical benefits that are currently covered through postage fees.

Historically the USPS has covered its operational costs and accumulated significant funds for its long-term obligations to retirees.  The prefunding mandate in the 2006 Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act created a unique and unsustainable burden required of no other federal agency to fund 75 years-worth of retiree healthcare costs in 10 years.

The GCA strongly supports enactment of pending postal financial stabilization legislation (H.R. 6076/S.2529) to restructure the USPS’ long term debt which is a far better alternative to address its financial condition and provide the necessary rate stability and predictability to restore mailer confidence in the system.