Happy summer, everyone. I just thought it was a good time to share a brief update on several projects in which your association has been involved.

First, we are pleased to report that the changes suggested for the GCA Bylaws have been approved by the membership! Thanks for your vote. It really DOES matter. In case you missed the list of changes, you can see them here.

Though the changes to the wording in the Bylaws may seem minor, they are more important than they seem. Our leadership really values the input from our Associate member suppliers, and wants to show their support for Associates in a tangible way. Creating a permanent place on the Board for the perspective and opinions of the Associates’ Chair is fundamental to the organization’s desire to hear from ALL members, no matter how large or how small, on both the maker and supplier sides of the aisle.

Second, we recognize that it is the desire of our membership to make room for ANYONE who wishes to serve the association in any volunteer capacity. That is why our leadership decided to make a few subtle changes to Section 1 of Articles III and V, making it clear that gender is not a factor in the selection of a Chair for GCA’s many committees. We hope you will consider becoming a volunteer in the coming year. If you are interested in any of our volunteer committees, feel free to reach out to me personally.

Finally, you may already be aware that we are continuing to pursue meaningful and comprehensive postal reform legislation. A new industry-wide stakeholder support letter to the House Ways and Means Committee garnered 1,336 signatures recently. Signatures included endorsements from 39 GCA member companies. The total exceeded the total gathered on the previous initiative to support a postal reform. Thanks for your continued support!