Building a Brand Around Environmental Responsibility 

By Ross Van Burkleo, Sales Director, Neenah

It’s called the “triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit. It presents a problem: designers make things, yet our planet needs less things. Green design is not just a matter of choosing the recycled or biodegradable paper and inks, though sustainable materials are a big part of the solution. Sophisticated designers view “green” from many angles: it is ethical, it has shelf appeal, and it adds to the value proposition. Together, these add to the value of brands.

When we strive to be “green,” we succeed in making print a smarter, more sustainable option that is good for our businesses and our planet. Keep in mind the following ideas when planning your next project:

  • Can I reduce the amount of paper used by designing smaller pieces?
  • Are the papers I have selected manufactured using renewable energy or offset by renewable energy credit programs?
  • Can I use digital printing?
  • Is there a way to design the piece so that it can be re-used?
  • Have I included information about the environmentally-friendly aspects of the piece anywhere in the design?

Neenah provides as many sustainable choices and tools as any papermaker on earth: papers made with recycled content including post-consumer recycled fiber, FSC Certified papers that support well-managed forests and resources, plus tools and calculators that helps buyers measure the truth in sustainability rather than the slogans of the marketing team. For more information on our green initiatives, visit or send a request for further information to me at

Astro Paper & Envelopes Acquires JRC Envelopes & Manufacturing

Eva Divjak-Gaylor, President and CEO of Astro Paper & Envelopes, a fine paper distributor headquartered in Vista, CA, announced the recent acquisition of JRC Envelopes & Manufacturing. Ms. Divjak-Gaylor stated that the primary reason for the acquisition was to be able to add items into Astro Paper’s product mix for envelopes and manufacturing unique products.  JRC is well known in the industry for the highest quality envelopes and the acquisition was quite organic due to the great working relationship that Astro and JRC have shared for many years, and the acquisition fits perfectly into Astro Paper’s long term strategic plan. Astro Paper is celebrating 48 years in business this year and sells nationally and internationally to a base of customers who enjoy the great service and high-quality papers that Astro is known for.  Mills that Astro represent include Mohawk Papers, Neenah Papers, French Paper, Gmund Paper, Fedrigoni, Gruppo Cordenons, Reich Paper, ARJO Wiggins, to name a few. JRC complements Astro Paper’s distribution with manufacturing machine lined envelopes, foiling and embossing, and wedding announcements line that has been sold all over the world. Contact Astro Paper & Envelopes or Eva Divjak-Gaylor at (800) 752-5003 and