GCA Industry Survey 

Please Take 20 minutes (or fewer) and complete the GCA’s annual industry survey, developed and conducted by Cleveland’s MPI Group.  You don’t need to be a GCA member to participate, though you do need to be either a publisher, retailer, sales rep. or affiliated company (such as a printer or paper company).

All respondents who complete the survey will receive the results and an analysis; no identifying information about the respondents will be included. The deadline for completing the survey is February 28. If you know of other companies that would like to participate, please share the survey link. Thank you!

Thank You/USPS Campaign

Thank you to all GCA members who participated in the USPS/GCA Holiday Marketing campaign.  We are exploring opportunities to grow the campaign this year, while still analyzing the results from 2017. Did you participate? If not, check out the webpage to see how your company might be involved next season!

GCA Gets Social…

This month, take some time and join the GCA online! The GCA is ramping up its social media efforts – so help us spread the word. We also have a new, fresh Instagram site that you should check out. Go to https://www.instagram.com/usagca/ and start following our page regularly. And remember to send us your questions about the industry via Facebook or Twitter. Don’t know the URLs? You can find all of GCA’s social media links in the footer of www.greetingcard.org. Finally, get hashtagging! We are using the following hashtags right now to help promote our industry and the sending of greeting cards:…..



Have a great social media tip for us, or for GCA members? Send it along or post it today. Let us help you get the word out about your great products!


GCA Executive Director Peter Doherty and GCA member Emily McDowell were featured on CBS This Morning. Watch the video here.



Rafe Morrissey Postal Affairs Radio Interview 

Listen to Rafe Morrissey, VP Postal Affairs discuss the importance of Postal Reform on the Terry Maxwell Radio show.  Terry Maxwell is a talk show radio on KNXR, 1560 AM/97.7 FM in Bakersfield, California.  Rafe was a guest on Maxwell’s show on February 12.