Abra Cards’

Abra Cards’, a UAE-based start-up company designs 3D pop-up greeting cards. The first in the Middle East to offer such a card, they have designs that replicate the Burj Khalifa and the Burj Al Arab, two of the world’s most renowned mega skyscrapers. Read more about this company featured in this article.

American Greetings

American Greetings brings new meaning to the phrase “brighten someone’s day”, by introducing their first ever solar powered greeting cards, read more here about this use of technology to revolutionize their greeting card brand.


Technology is the present and future, but there are times when the good old days are reminisced. CathCurios sells handwritten cards with a meaningful message that would leave the recipient joyed at the heart warmed penmanship. For those moments when script will do best. Read this great article about their message.


Keeping up with futuristic trends and technology, Hallmark is launching virtual reality greeting cards. Father’s Day may be over, but there are card giving occasions all around us. Read more here.

LOUIE Awards Recap

The LOUIE Awards ended with a big bang, the winners were announced, and our honorary Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Richard Evans of Birchcraft Studios by DFS. Want to get a good start for next year’s LOUIEs? Read this great article about the history of the LOUIEs and the judging process.

Love Pop

Some messages can’t be captured with just words. When words aren’t enough and you need to show someone how you feel, Love Pop has given you a way to turn greeting cards into works of art. Read more here.


If you’ve wondered why the rates of stamps are universal throughout the United States, you can find out more by reading about the history of postage legislation here.

Changes are coming to the postal industry as the House Oversight Committee approves two bipartisan bills hoping to improve the U.S. Postal Service’s finances. Read more here.

Read an opinion piece from “The Hill” in favor of keeping the pricing system that limits postage increases for the USPS’s captive mailers to the rate of inflation.