The Personal Touch of Embossed Stationery 
By Andrew Clay, Marketing Associate at Ecological Fibers

While looking around at the stationery market today, one can’t help but be impressed with the beautiful prints, designs and breathtaking art created with heartfelt connotations for celebrations spanning a wide variety of occasions, but it is easy to notice that among the diversity in designs, comes one underlying flaw… a vast similarity spanning the spectrum of stationery from one shelf to the next. Minimally varying tones of white, flat, 100 pound cardstock displaying undeniably breathtaking prints.

With cards intending to reach a level of sentiment and personal connection, there seems to be a trend towards only being able to go as far as the availability in diverse cardstock material allows, or lack thereof. When customers pick up their cards for the first time and admire the beauty of brilliant designs and words speaking to the personal nature of the memento, they are left feeling the impersonal similarity from one piece of paper to the other. Cards are meant to make a lasting impact on the lives of their recipients, and act as a personal touch for a number of different occasions. That one small similarity seems to be standing in the way of making a truly personalized touch.

Plain, white, smooth paper dominates the stationery world as it consistently results in easy-to-print material. But there is an alternative, on the market today is a printable, textured paper designed specifically to add that extra touch to the stationery industry, paired with the ease of printing that designers and printers have grown accustomed to.

With over 100 embossings available in more than 80 colors, Ecological Fibers’ Rainbow® coated and uncoated papers help designers add that much needed personal touch to cards ranging from holiday greetings to get well soons.

Cards are meant to be held, touched, admired… to limit that sense of touch through the use of abundantly similar stationery stock is to limit the personal sentiment that comes with buying a card for a loved one, friend, or colleague. Beautifully designed cards are painted and printed with magnificent art that draw the sense of sight. Scratch and sniff cards ignite the sense of smell… why is it that there appears to be a trend denying the most obvious sense accompanying the personalized gift of a meaningful card? What is it that separates the sentiment of a physical card meaning more than a simple email? The answer is the sense of touch, and that embossed texture paired with incomparable printability and stampability that Ecological Fibers provides through a material that is always FSC Certified, as well as being acid-free, lignin-free and archival, allow Rainbow® papers to add a new level of personalization to the stationery industry. For more information on how Ecological Fibers can help you add that personal touch to your work, contact Jeremy Quill at

“Card and Envelopes” Photo Description:

A card made from Ecological Fibers’ Rainbow® Galaxy® paper laid over with their transparent Glacier stands at the front of four envelopes made from and lined with various embossed materials including Woodgrain®, Galaxy®, Lumina® with a Hammered Reverse embossing and Radiance® with their new Camo embossing.