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A Valentine’s Day History Lesson

Valentines Deliver Love You exchanged them with your classmates in grade school. You've given them to your mom. And you certainly expect to receive one from your significant other on February 14th. That's because when it comes to expressing love and friendship,...

And then, the most amazing thing happened!

Following  GCA’s 75th Annual Convention last month, I sat down with some of our members to share my thoughts  about the presentations, the networking events, and the people. We were fortunate to have some of the smartest, likeable, amazing people join us in New...

Finding Inspiration in the Upper Midwest

A few months ago, I met with a few of our members at the National Stationery Show in New York, when it was pointed out to me that “I needed to get out more.” I suppose I could have assumed several things from these comments (they may have been referring to my lack of...